Learn how to help the Christmas Cactus

Thursday, 8 October, 2015
Did you know that there is this plant? Schlumbergera is also known as the Christmas Cactus, and is one of winter flowering plants prettiest flowers.
Do you want some tips for home care? Today in Garden Center Fuerteventura, we tell you about these beautiful plants from Brazil.
Named after the flowering season: winter. Unlike most plants prefer spring! It's a very decorative plant, but usually the weight of their stems are forced to bend sideways. But that's not a problem! If you place it in a hanging pot, stems will fall sideways giving you a lovely picture.
Its pretty flowers that spring from the ends of the fallen stems, measuring about 6 cm and are of infinite colors: pink, red, white... And always with a very elegant look. Even before opening, the buds are already pretty! When they fall sideways, they look like ornaments or wreaths contrasting with the green of the leaves. 
If there is anything this plant needs is light, but should not be direct light. When receives little light, the intense green of the leaves is lost and you run the risk of having a poor flowering. Also, just in winter is the time of flowering, you need a more abundant and continuous irrigation. Maybe it's occasionally vaporize the plant especially in winter.
Some lovers of these flowers, advise that to force a stronger bloom, keep the plant in a cool and collected place for a couple of months, and then bring it to the common area during periods of eight hours. Thus, the photoperiod of the plant is modified and a more abundant flowering is achieved the following season.
Don't resist more and take home these beautiful plants. The Garden Center Fuerteventura team will give you all the advice you need!