Care for Calatheas

Friday, 14 August, 2015
Do you want to know the Calateas? The Garden Center Fuerteventura is plenty of colour and life even when the summer has arrived.
In this season, with our high temperatures and the low humidity in the environment, plants usually rest and spend all their energy on staying standby. But it doesn't mean that we don't have so many things to show you!
Calatea croata is a plant that belongs to the family of Marantaceae, and comes from Brazil's jungles, so doesn't tolerate dry climates and too sunny. A warm climate with a stable temperature during the year is ideal for this plant. If you live in Fuerteventura you will not have any problem!
But what is striking without a doubt about this beautiful plant, are its colorful flowers, to which is due to be commonly known as the "eternal flame". With a vivid orange colors that contrast perfectly with the green of the dense evergreen leaves, this plant will remain so beautiful most of the year.
In the Garden Center of Fuerteventura we know your thoughts... What do I have to do to have a house so pretty? Is so simple! First of all, is very important the pot that will contain the plant. The best is a shallow but wide pot because all their roots grow horizontally, so you will get to develop it as it should. If you use a very deep pot, we advise you to put stones in the bottom to increase the height of where you will place the substrate.
Then you have to choose the space in your house where you are going to place it. The best is to keep it inside! Otherwise it can be dried easily if there is an excess heat. It looks for a place in the shade, with indirect sunlight and always the soil moist. Without doubt this plant will thank you some daily sprays to their leaves with fresh water! Thus you will simulate the tropical rains to which is used in their natural environment. But be caregul with the excess! You will know when needs less humidity if you start seeing some little spots on the leaf surface.
If all goes well, above the lush leaves you will see the stems wit the pretty flowers. In addition, its bloom lasts long time... In spring and summer will wear those pretty orange flowers that seem made of fire!
We know... You have decided to bring one at home! Come to our Garden Center Fuerteventura where you will find all the material that you need to take care of this and all your plants.