Begonias' care

Thursday, 1 October, 2015
At the Garden Center Fuerteventura have arrived pretty Begonias
Plants abroad for excellence but can not tolerate the cold very well. Today we give you some tips for you, so you'll be able to have this beautiful plants at home.
Its beautiful flowers need some very specific conditions to be maintained throughout the season. A shift of the plant during flowering, can make all the buds from falling and no flowers will appear.
If you're going to have it indoors, it's important that you seek a place away from light to prevent burns that can cause the sun. If you live in an area where winters are pretty hard, it's best to have begonias indoor.
When watering, it's advisable to ensure that the soil is always wet, avoiding puddles that may support the growth of fungi. In addition, over watering can make new stems to rot. To prevent this, it's best to place a dish under the pot, add water and irrigation in the area. Thus, the plant will take the water it need.
Do you dare to take a nice begonia at home?
It's essential that the first days put in the same pot in the coolest place in the house. You'll have time to transplant it! That way you will help to adapt fast and avoid losing some flowers.
What are you waiting for?
Come to the Garden Center Fuerteventura to choose your favorite combination of begonias, and they will look so spectacular and with colorful flowers.