How to care crassulas!

Thursday, 20 August, 2015
In Garden Center Fuerteventura we always suggest you ideas to create your own decorative indoor centers.
We know that many of you don't have time to take care of your plants, so today we've decided to introduce a set of easy-care plants and with which you can make beautiful centers... the results will surprise you!
The Crassulas are succulent plants. For whose unfamiliar with the term, it means that they have the ability to house inside their leaves large amounts of water for times of lack of resources.
This makes them very inclement weather resistant plants. You only have to remember to water them once a week. It will be enough! They are also accustomed to high temperatures. So they are very adapted to our climate! Always remember that they need sunlight to grow. Even if you are going to keep them indoor, it's better to find a point where they receive direct sunlight for a few hours a day.
In garden centers like ours, you'll find many shapes and sizes. But if you want to have indoors, we recommend that you choose a small or medium size! You can combine several for a more dramatic effect.
Today we will give you three ideas:
1. Choose a shallow but large diameter pot. Covering the base with substrate, you can combine different Crassulas over it and even put motifs (animals or even your children' toys). Create your own scenery!
2. Choose a hanging plastic pot and so some holes on its sides. You will take advantage much space because in those holes you can also place your plants. This form is very original because you can choose hanging branches Crassulas emitted to the sides. The effect is so beautiful!
3. We are not going to tell you the 3rd idea... Tomorrow you will be able to see for yourself on our YouTube channel as Gema makes an original center with materials she had at home!
Are you going to encourage to have these pretty plants at home? Share with Garden Center Fuerteventura your experience and why not your ideas!