What photosynthesis is?

Thursday, 15 October, 2015
The importance of light for the development of your plants
In Garden Center Fuerteventura we know that many of you will have asked this question: why is so important to ensure a good source of natural light to my plants?
Today we are going to explain what photosynthesis is and what role does the light on it.
Do you know the term photosynthesis? Sure many will, especially those who have studied natural sciences. But others can be starters in the world of plants and it could be interesting to review some basic concepts. Photosynthesis is the set of chemical processes performed inside the plants to produce their own food. This means that trees and other plants use photosynthesis to feed, grow and develop itselves.
Animals caught food from the environment, which usually contain all the nutrients needed to develop their normal life known as heterotrophic organisms. But plants can not do the same, and have to develop these nutrients through a series of chemical processes and are called autotrophs.
For photosynthesis, plants need chlorophyll, a substance founded in leaves and which gives them the characteristic green color. It's responsible for absorbing the right light for this process.
It's the process that converts energy from sunlight into chemical energy which together with CO2 (carbon dioxide), minerals and water, allow the plant cells used to synthesize carbohydrates. Primarily it takes place in leaves of plants. Although cacti and succulents also carried on the stems.
It takes place in two phases:
  • Photochemical or light phase occurs during the day. The plant absorbs light through the pigments and retained inside.
  • The fixing step or dark phase is usually carried out at night. The plant absorbs CO2 (carbon dioxide) to water and sunlight to produce carbohydrates.
Furthermore, the main waste that occurs with photosynthesis is oxygen. Therefore, thanks to the good care of our plants not only help her, but imperative that we contribute to the development of life continues to produce gas.
Look for good light for your plants soy they can be developed and nurtured as they should.