Why do you insist on having a plant?

Tuesday, 11 November, 2014

If you decide to put a plant at home, you can't be too pessimistic. Don'tdo like that lady who once said: "I bought a mint plant and it sure is going to die" And now I tell you that word "sure" was nothing over in this case because that plant was inevitably doomed. And not because the poor lady was an assassin, but because the simple reason that when we start something ourselves doubting our worst expectations fulfilling. And, as in this case, the plant is dried...

So we recommend to be positive, because there is no other, if you enjoy gardening you must be very methodical and organized, besides having a basic understanding that will enable you to successfully grow. What you can not to do is make the plants "grazy": "Today I put water, tomorrow no, now we're going out for a week and not watered; now I bought compost and put it every week and when finished the pack I'll buy more some day, I do not know when another … "

We Must be organized and responsible, you're in luck, because we'll help you find the simplest tricks that start to take care of the plants and make your own mini garden.