Here you have a few easy tricks for cultivation and fertilization of your aromatic.

Tuesday, 26 August, 2014

Grow at home, if there is some physical space, it is something to do perfectly. Start with some combinations of herbs is a good idea because it is easy, usually grow smoothly and you will appreciate having different varieties. The aromatic plants usually do not have too many problems with diseases and pests. Even so, some environmental conditions may trigger some problems, fungi, insects, weeds, etc.

For aromatic plants, consumption or decorative, grow healthy, the best is to compost them with a product specifically developed for them, such as aromatic flower fertilizer, which incorporates a naturally organic fertilizer favors the production by the plant itself of medicinal substances and natural essences, come to Garden Center and try it.

Where we can have the herbs? There are infinite places where they can grow, in pots, on the balcony, in the garden, or just a space where no airflow. If you get the decision, we're going to try to say a couple small tricks, so everything will be fine.

These are some of the herbs with which you can start growing smoothly, you can buy them in our garden.

Basil: Do not have in mind for the winter if you live in cold areas, the cold is it enemy number one, you must sow in early spring and in the summer you will see how your plant will be beautiful.

Rosemary: With rosemary, you need to control its growth because it is very easy to extend, I recommend planting in a spacious place, if you sow in spring, will blossom in May and June.

Thyme: Excess moisture does not benefit him because it needs sunlight and unlike basil resists very well the winter.

Mint: We can say that is the plant that requires less care, growth is quite normally fast between June and October, though, requires moist soil and a shady spot, should receive light, and have frequent irrigation but drown.