Shears in hand and ... Let's prune!

Saturday, 27 June, 2015
In the Garden Center Fuerteventura we know how important is for you to choose your fruit trees and taking care of them to get a good production. So today we bring to you a few tips about pruning. Are you ready? Then look for your shears!
First of all it's important to understand that pruning during the early years is critical. When we transplant our new tree, regardless of the season, we have to prune the shoots. That way we get to encourage the growth of branches. On the other hand, a good pruning will ensure the fruits don't grow excessively. It's better to have fewer but with better quality fruits!
We know what you're thinking about... "How am I going to prune new growth?" Don't be afraid because your tree is going to be ok! You will see in a few months, all those twigs that you cut, will have become strong and powerful branches laden with new buds and even fruit.
When they are young we recommend to use guides after pruning. A reed is sufficient and if you hold tight with no flange trunk, you'll get the growth of new shoots. If you decide to buy a new fruit tree in the Garden Center Fuerteventura, the pruning starts from the moment when you take it home. Get to work!
There is a basic rule for a good pruning, and is that we are looking for an equal leafy and productive fruit tree. So if your tree already has a considerable size and what you want is to perform maintenance pruning, you can once a year cut lateral branches in half.
You mustn't allow your fruit tree to reach excessive height. And don't forget to clean especially the inner branches! If the fruits grow inward and very high, access to them will be much harder. The best time for this type of pruning is the end of summer. August is ideal for pruning fruit trees.
Your question now is "what tools do I need to work?". Well don't worry because in the Garden Center we have all the material you need. Pruning shears and saws, ladders to access to higher areas, safety gloves ... But we also have ready for you a variety of fertilizers as well as our natural compost that will give your production the nutrients it needs.
Hope have helped you and if you have any questions do not hesitate: visit the Garden Center where our professionals will advise you!