Don't let yourself get confused!

Friday, 10 July, 2015


In the Garden Center Fuerteventura we know how important is for you to have the most beautiful garden you can imagine. As we have explained on other posts, every detail is vital, and ensure a welcoming environment depends on accessories.

But...a nice pergola isn't the same if it's not covered with flowers! Or more importantly... How can we hide this wall that breaks the aesthetics of our special corner? Today from Garden Center Fuerteventura, we explain the best way to decorate your garden... including a beautiful climbing plant in your garden!

It's very complicated to choose the perfect climbing plant. First of all we need to know the soil in which the plant will live and the climate of our area, because of in these two factors depend on the plant develop.

The bougainvillea for example is a plant that needs full sun to ensure abundant flowering, and that doesn't require excessive watering. Instead, bignonia needs very rich in nutrients soil and high humidity.  Anyway, you can always keep the plant in a large pot and provide the substrate and nutrients that it needs!

There is available a big variety of these plants, but it's essential that you determine which one you prefer. The question is, with or without flowers? Everything has its good side and its bad side. Flowering plants look much more beautiful when spring comes and they begin to bloom, but on the other hand are more dirty because when the flower dries up and falls, we must be aware of clean everything.

The bougainvillea already mentioned, has beautiful and colorful flowers. The different varieties available offer us roses, red, blue, yellow and even orange hues! You can combine several types for give to your garden a different touch. At midsummer flowers begin to fall, creating the feeling of a carpet on the floor. But beware! Because flowers are very light and the wind carried them easily when dry. You have to be aware of cleaning.

Instead, another climbing plant plant that hasn't flowers is the ivy, which is also a perennial and throughout the year will do its job. Variegated ivy leaf is the most abundant, because with the rim of the somewhat lighter than the center sheet has a nicer appearance.

Are you going to encourage to choose your climbing plant? You'll be surprised how much they dress a garden, and how fast they grow with little care. In the Garden Centre Fuerteventura we will advise  you to choose the perfect climbing plant!