Care of gloxinias

Thursday, 24 September, 2015
Still you not know the gloxinias?
They are a beautiful plant that emits these spectacular flowers of different colors. At the Garden Center Fuerteventura just arrived pretty well and today we tell you some secrets for proper care.
With proper care, this South American plant issue throughout the summer nice and open flowers of different colors. One of the secrets? Keep it in a sufficiently moist and shady place, whether it is outside or inside.
The roots are not too deep, but it is always advisable to give it a larger pot to not have problems when growing. It is important to fertilize the soil after transplanting. So get the plant start harder. In the Garden Center Fuerteventura we have a variety of fertilizers for plants such moist environments, which also prevent fungus growth.
How to provide the humidity is very important. We must never spray the leaves and flroes, otherwise they may burn with sunlight to them. It is best to water it by adding water to a dish that will be put under a flowerpot. Thus, the roots go catching the water as needed.
Proper pruning will help your gloxina should grow as next season. At the end of summer, cut flowers by the stem, leaves and all those that are damaged. After a few months of winter rest, you'll see your precious gloxina beautiful resurgence!
Have you been wanting to have a Gloxina at home?
Come to our Garden Center Fuerteventura, because we've recieved a lot of precious varieties!