The history of orchids

Thursday, 17 September, 2015
Regardless of being supporters or not to plants care, the orchid is one of the most famous plant in the world.
In Garden Center Fuerteventura we know orchid is, without doubt, the perfect gift for that special person, while a challenge for plant lovers.
But... have you ever wondered about the origin or history that makes them so special? Today in Garden Center Fuerteventura we tell you the story of orchids, beautiful plants which conquer everybody.
This wild plant, is indigenous to the jungles and rain forests of South America. In the nineteenth century it was the victim of a massive exploitation as a result of European fashions, and their population in the wild grazed extinction. Over time, botanists they soon discover the secrets of its cultivation, and this plant began to be produced on farms in order to sell them.
Thus, it managed to recover wild populations of this plant so much charm and mystery which surrounds both among indigenous tribes.
Venezuelan legend tells that a warm morning, a beautiful Indian goddess, the "Venus of the plant kingdom", took human form to walk through the woods of chestnut and magnolias jungle. She was covered by a very beautiful and light shawl, that when was shaken by the wind off a delicate and heady aroma.
When the Goddess ended her relaxing walk in the evening, she left her shawl that was pinned to a branch. The twilight and the wind made the shawl dance a beautiful dance loaded with perfume, aromas and shadows, making the shawl in a mysterious and delicate flower: the orchid.
But its gentleness was not understood by men, who destroyed the flower, and now only a few who know from within the virtues of beauty and patience, can see every spring revive their beautiful orchids.
Currently, the orchid is considered the symbol of love, beauty and lust, and remain a mystery to all lovers of flora.
In Garden Center Fuerteventura we invite you dare to care for your orchids!