How water your plants on hollidays

Wednesday, 26 August, 2015
It's still summer... And you still have time to take a short holiday and get away from the routine of work! In Garden Center Fuerteventura we know how important they are your plants for you. 
And so this week we want to tell you some little tricks so you can quietly go on vacation, while your plants will be well watered. 
It’s true that many plants like cactus or kalanchoes don’t need a heavy or daily watering. But aromatic herbs, climbing plants and flowering plants need more detailed care. But don’t  worry. That does not prevent you can go to a nice paradise destination that you were looking forward to! 
On the one hand you can go to your usual garden center and get some of the drip irrigation systems that are available. In Garden Center Fuerteventura you can find pipes and hoses length you need to design your own circuit by yourself. Remember to have a water supply close to economize.
There are also available a small cones special for watering. Simply removing the tape and inserting the tip into the substrate, the internal system of the device itself will gradually releasing the amount of water that the plant needs. In Garden Center Fuerteventura you will find them in different sizes. You should choose yours depending on the time you'll be away from home. Remember take one for each pot that needs watering! 
We know what you're thinking... "All this will be very expensive for the short time I will be out!". Nothing further away from reality! Here we show a very simple and cheap trick that can even be done with recycled materials.
With a few plastic bottles we usually have at home, you can make your own irrigation system. You only have to cut the bottle in half and pierce with a hot nail cap making small holes. Before closing the bottle cap you put on gauze and gauze screw cap remain inside. Whenbury that part of the bottle in your pot, you just have to fill the water bottle from the top that is free.
Is not it easy?
Don’thesitate... Enjoy a relaxing holiday and let the concerns and plants at home. Summer is still