Recipe to get your perfect garden

Thursday, 18 June, 2015
In Garden Center Fuerteventura we are aware that with good weather, stay locked at home is a real crime. So today we tell you some of our secrets for you to turn your garden into a paradise!
If there is something we should be very clear, is that our garden will become the meeting center of the house. In other words, we will shape our "Private Eden". Therefore, before starting to choose decorations that will be introduced in our garden, we must clearly define the style we prefer.
Would you like a chill out environment? Or do you prefer to create a Zen atmosphere? There are so many possibilities that could dedicate an entire article to give you tips for creating each type of environment: rustic, Japanese, children, romantic ... In the Garden Center Fuerteventura we have for you the decorative devices you need, but today we will only give you some small details to know where to start.
Once you have defined the style you prefer, you should choose materials that are looking for your decor. If you prefer a rustic style, aged wood and wrought iron will be your main allies, whereas if you choose a Zen atmosphere, stones and Buddhist sculptures will be the stars in your garden.
But there are some key ingredients, whatever the environment you've created. You must differentiate two areas in your outdoor space: dining area and relax area. With a large table and chairs around it, and even a small barbecue, the garden will become the center of family reunion. Among our wide collection of garden tables, are the most beautiful combinations you've never imagined! Moreover, taking about relaxation area, no one will be without its deserved nap! In the Garden Center we offer hammocks and swings for everyone.
When we have the base, the important thing is to play with shadows. To enjoy at 100% of our outside garden, sun and good weather are essential. How lucky we are to have them all year in Fuerteventura! But sometimes the sun is very powerful and good pergola or sunshade can be our saviors. Although a perfect way and certainly more natural, is to use vegetation! Carefully selected plants that will place in your garden, will serve besides as decoration as a way to get shadow areas. Do you know a better place than our Garden Center to find the plants you need?
The last detail we mustn’t forget is the lighting. As evening falls, we can enjoy the best hours in the garden, but we need to turn on some lights. We offer you a lot of lights and lamps!
Are you going to start to work? Well, feel free to share with us your results and if you come to visit us, a great team of professionals will advise you without any compromise.
Create and enjoy your own paradise!