Choosing a fountain for your garden

Friday, 4 September, 2015
Your garden or small outer corner should be a place to disconnect from the routine, relax and spend unforgettable moments. Numerous studies confirm that hear the murmur of water is certainly an effective method to achieve a state of relaxation.
In Garden Center Fuerteventura we want you to relax in your garden, so this week we give you some tips for picking the perfect source and get that effect. Dare to make a beautiful fountain!
Japanese culture invites us to add the figure and the sound of water in our garden, because they ensure that "a space that represents nature, is a balm for the mind." But how can you decide and what things you have to consider before choosing it?
Before start you must know the style of decoration that predominates in your garden: rustic, classic, zen, modern... Depending on the overall style you will choose for either option. But it's also important to consider the space you have and the plants that will surround your fountain. The material chosen must match the aesthetics of the garden. We recommend our fountains made of clay or stones, which are natural materials. Furthermore, the size
If there is something essential to have a fountain, it's to have a nearby water and an outlet, because most of the sources currently sold have an electric pump with different modalities for the flow of water. The fountain will have a water tank that will flow, which is a good option for those who do not have water intakes.
But all is not aesthetics. Depending on the fountain, we get a sound type or another. Therefore it's important to distinguish the sounds we like: cascading, bubbling stream... In many cases this can be adjusted by changing the water pressure or the base with the water crashing down.
This point will become the center of your garden. You'll be surprised how much life will emerge around it! The birds will come every day to drink and give you the edge.
Dare to put a fountain in your garden!