Do you want to decorate your bedroom with plants but the idea scares you because you do not know?

Saturday, 30 August, 2014

Many customers are always asking us which plants are recommended for decorate a bedroom, one of the new trends in interior decoration that will not only give an original and relaxing spectrum to your bedroom but also bring you great benefits to sleep, is add green space to your rest.

I tell you which plants are ideal to decorate the bedroom and bring great benefits to your health.

Adding plants in the bedroom will bring great benefits, particularly if you have problems to rest. You'll get a more harmonious sleep by Eastern techniques of Feng Shui decoration, blending plants with different shades of green, plus you get an increase of the level of oxygen in space and decrease the amount of dust.

As we have stated before in other publications on indoor plants, you should put special care taking into account not only the subject of decorating, but primarily by looking at the light and moisture they receive. In cases of low light bedrooms, I recommend plants type fern, caladium, or Fitonia, and if you also have a very dry environment ideally decorate with succulents and cactus.

Ready to decorate your bedroom? Do not forget to write and tell us how was your result!