Orchids for everyone!

Friday, 17 July, 2015
True plant lovers are often brave and dare with everything.
But many agree to take care of orchids is a challenge, even for experts! In Garden Center Fuerteventura we know that your love for flowers is limitless. So we tell you some easy and simple tips so that you will be able to have orchids at home!
What catches our attention always is its lush orchids bloom. There is such a variety of colors and sizes to choose that is very difficult! But this flowering hanging by a thin stalk that many times, if we are not careful, can bend and even break. Do you remember the video of this week? On it we give you some advices about how to avoid this by holding the rods.
When we bring them to home we must take into account some details to ensure their proper development. Direct sunlight can burn the leaves, but it would not be appropriate host them in an excessively shady place. But if there is a factor that depends on the development of our orchids, that is moisture.
Their roots are aerial, so we always find them in a pot that will allow them to move them out to capture the maximum possible humidity. Do you want to know what is ideal for them? Place the plant in a transparent pot, and put it inside a larger one with gravel in the bottom. You must ensure that there is always water. Thus, roots can capture water that is generated in that small atmosphere.
Usually in late summer, orchids lose the flowers. This indicates that we have to prune our plant! How we can ensure that next season we will have flowers? Well, always cutting diagonally with a good shears, and right after the third node of each rod.
You know... The secret of the orchid is the humidity! Controlling its roots always have water available, surely you'll get to have a nice orchids at home.
In the Garden Center Fuerteventura we have more models than you can imagine!
Our team will be happy to help and advise you so that you'll become an expert.