Fuerteventura Garden Center opens a new center in Fuerteventura (Puerto del Rosario)

Wednesday, 3 December, 2014

The new nursery garden has required an investment of more than 1 million EUR and has a workforce 15 workers with stable and quality employment. 

In its construction has involved an average of 39 suppliers that have employed more than 70 people during the construction stage.

Garden Center opens a new store in Fuerteventura (Puerto del Rosario) specifically at the crossing with the bypass road from Tetir.

The center has a surface area of 40 thousand square meters of which 20 thousand square meters are facilities of reproduction, exhibition and sale, where all the usual sections of the Garden Center are located.

Decoration shop, own production, import, advisory department,  gardening DIY, ceramics department, lawn, interior decoration, sculptures, ponds, plant, fruit trees, stones, plants outdoor and indoor, orchard plant, irrigation, seed and bulb , creepers.Stand out the renovated sections of seasonal products like urban gardens, medicinal plants and natural compost produced in Garden Center and the section of workshops,that will commitment to bring gardening to all public holding workshops on weekends counting with special guests who will make enjoy gardening to all present.

Also, the nursery garden has resting areas and locker rooms for employees, as well as a training room for also destined to the employees. In its construction have taken part an average of 39 suppliers that have employed more than 70 people during the construction stage.

The opening hours of the Garden Center are Monday to Sunday from 10:00 to 13:00 and 16:00 to 20: 00h, and has a large parking with numerous parking places and asphalt access for easier access to the enclosure at all customers who travel by private vehicle.

As well, Garden Center has enabled their home delivery and shopping online through the website www.fuerteventuragardencenter.com where customer can choose the products and make order from them by email and quote request.

Always fair prices.
With this new opening, Garden Center customers will benefit from their known trade policy that the company uses exclusively and which is to guarantee the lowest unit price of products with the best quality in the market, permanently. As a result, Garden Center can offer its customers more quality for a small fee, a commitment that, in times like these, is more important than ever for family economies.

Garden Center in Fuerteventura
With commissioning of this center, Garden Center maintains its firm commitment to Fuerteventura where it counts, at the end of 2014, with 2 stores, and a workforce of 63 people, all with stable and quality employment.