The importance of a detail

Friday, 7 August, 2015

The interior decoration is arguably an art. And mastering it’s a real privilege! Our home speaks of us: how we feel and how we identify. The furniture and its location within a room can make it more spacious, bright and welcoming. But in Garden Center ywe have explained you in many times that most of the weight of the decoration have accessories ... And among them are the plants!

How many times have you wanted to have that plant that you like? Indoor plants have the ability to transform a room from boring to extremely sociable but have not come into bloom. The pothos, kalanchoes, cactus, aromatic ... Taken together and placed in the right places, get loaded bring freshness and nature into our home environment.

Its location is very important. Depending on the orientation of our home, we’ve to find an area in which is enough sunlight so that our plants can survive. For example, a window overlooking an inner courtyard is perhaps not the most appropriate for our daisy plant. We will have to look for a sunny and wind protected location! The best thing is that our team will give you some tips to taking care your plants.

But everything is not the plant! The pot that will contain must be consistent with the rest of our decor. A pot that clashes with the rest of the decor can completely break the aesthetics of the room. So, so you have plenty of choice, we bring you an infinite variety of pots of all shapes, colors, sizes and even materials. So, whatever your taste, sure you will succeed. Clay, plastic, ceramic, stone, colorful or muted, with floral motifs, combined ... There are no limits in our Garden Center when bring pots.

For those who love plants but do not have time to be on them, we have something tremendously useful: the decorative automatic irrigation systems. Frog-shaped, dwarf or turtle, these containers will water your pots slowly while you are on holiday or are at work. And over in your pots are precious! Finally, the walls should also be dressed. It combines our blinds and wall decorations to give a little rustic as sophisticated to your living room. And of course, you can also give a child touch!

There are no limits! What it’s clear is that the importance of your decoration is in the details. And in the Garden Center Fuerteventura we advise that you do not miss anything!