Learn how to care for Peperomias

Monday, 19 October, 2015
New Peperomias have come to the Garden Center Fuerteventura and we want to explain you how to care for them. So you can have them in your home without any problem!
Although they have no flowers, its beautiful leaves are not lost to anyone. The shapes and colors of these leaves are endless, as there are many different species. They have a nice and decorative presence making them perfect indoor plants!
But where should we put them? It's important that you seek but never quite sunny with direct light zone. Its beautiful leaves are very sensitive to UV radiation and they could get burn. On the contrary, if we put the plant in a dark area leaves will lose their characteristic colors. Don't worry because it's not so hard! On a balcony or near a window, they receive the perfect light to develop.
The frequency of watering is usually another headache for those who have these plants. In the cooler months it's best to reduce irrigation water, because an excess can lead to rot and the leaves should be completed by fall. But if we fall short in summer they can be dried. The best is to water the plant twice a week in the winter and 5 times a week in summer.
When you detect some wilted leaves, the best for a few days is to reduce irrigation water and remove the stems of the leaves have rotted. Thus we get the plant regrowth and to grow in a more orderly manner.
Do you want to have a center of Peperomias in your home? We suggest that you take several different species with different colored leaves. You can create your own combination! Fire up your creativity and get to have these beautiful plants in your home.