Let's make a scarecrow

Thursday, 10 September, 2015
Now begins the autumn and with it one of the best seasons to plant vegetables. Your garden will begin soon to acquire some intense and full of flavor ecological colors. But you will not be the only one to perceive it! Wild birds begin to prepare for the cold and need food...
But not in your garden! Now in Garden Center Fuerteventura we explain you some secrets about the scarecrows.
It's the best to keep the birds away from your garden, because they believe there is a person in the area. And with very few materials you can get an incredible result. Sure you have old clothes at home: some trusers, a shirt... Put them together in the middle with strong thread, and if you make a few knots on the sleeves to cover the holes, you can fill it with straw to acquire volume. Soon will look like a person!
One way to achieve that is not bent sideways, is introduced into an old broomstick, also, if projects below, will serve to nail the point you decide on your garden. Once you have completed the main structure, is the most important personality... Give the scarecrow!
You can sew patches with colorful fabrics, put a bag, a jacket... A straw hat is a great idea, and you can even give a face with a smile buttons and sewing on the fabric. Another idea is to let a handful of straw coming out of each sleeve as a hands. Anything as long as your scarecrow look like a real human being!
The perfect place to put the scarecrow is an area near the garden, but be careful because it don't have to disturb you while working. Otherwise, you'll end up removing it and you'll lose the effect you wanted. 
Do you want to make your own scarecrow and so take care of your garden predators? In Garden Center Fuerteventura we think it's certainly a great opportunity to do an activity with family and recycle materials.
Get to work!