The city urgently needs plants

Tuesday, 18 November, 2014

But you need not only your plantas.Tambien where you live, unless you're lucky enough to live in the countryside surrounded by nature. In that case, lucky you !.

Most people, however, live in an urban environment that is not only dominated by the cement, but also a cloud of pollutants that seriously impair the quality of life.And the number of people who live so continues to grow : according to estimates by the United Nations, in 2050 almost 70% of humans will live in cities. It is a very high figure if we take 50% and in 1950 did not reach even 30%.

Therefore, if most of us are all doomed to live in cities and away by forced marches of nature, we have no choice but to do everything that we can to introduce nature into our cities. Otherwise we will discuss some cities have asphalt and concrete inhospitable as it looks in the movie Blade Runner, all of it swept perennial acid rain.