Aromatic Herbs are essential plants!

Saturday, 4 July, 2015
In the Garden Center Fuerteventura we know that you would like having your garden at home... Now we'll learn how to start! Let's give you some tips about taking care of the essential plants you should have in your garden: Aromatic Herbs!
Their versatility makes them completely necessary: they are beautiful, have a luxurious smell, and you can use them to flavor your dishes. And also have medicinal properties! Do you need more? Well yes! Besides all that, they are extremely grateful and with a little care you will see good results.
They grow easily. In the plant nursery of Fuerteventura we offer to you several options. You can purchase the seeds and start from scratch with seed planting, or also you can already buy a small home kills and transplant it to grow. But whatever you decide, it's best not to fertilize the soil too much. This could hurt the intensity of its aroma and flavor!
Usually aromatic plants don't need too much water or dedication. Although there are some like celery or parsley, which require more attention. It's best to keep them moist, and as we know, placing at the bottom of the pot a little gravel. This will avoid that with irrigation, moist soil clogging the drain holes in our pot.
The advantage of the cultivation of these plants is that it's not necessary to have a lot of space. A balcony, a terrace or even the windowsill in your kitchen, will be sufficient for your aromatic plants to grow. Just be careful to take advantage of varying heights, using walls, combinations of pots or even a shelf. But remember that the place you choose should be well lit!
You can't talk about herbs without mentioning its uses. So we are going to indicate some of the properties of the seasonal aromatic herbs we have now in our Garden Center Fuerteventura.
On the one hand, the chamomile plant is the anti-stress plant par excellence but also has digestive antiulcer properties. The best way to ingest it is by infusion, cutting the flower directly and adding it to boiling water. Parsley helps the binding of calcium in the bones, but otherwise has diuretic, digestive and cleansing properties. Cilantro is an antirheumatic herb that helps fight digestive problems generated by nervousness. But it's also the secret ingredient for Mojo Picon!
If you're starting and you're not yet familiar with herbs, it's important that you identify them when they start to grow. We propose several ideas that you can DIY easily and quickly! On the one hand you can make a paper label on which you can write the name of the plant and the date of planting.
But our original suggestion is to choose a conventional ceramic pots and with a a little chalkboard paint you can paint a portion of the pot. That way will allow you to write the name of the plant and delete it when you want to use it for something else! Do you like it?
Now you have no excuse. If you want to give a new touch to your kitchen in every sense, go ahead and visit our Garden Centers in Fuerteventura! Our partners will advise you about the aromatic herb that best suit your tastes and needs, and tell you the right materials for the proper care.