First of all... orientate yourself!

Friday, 15 May, 2015
Objective achieved! If you're reading this it's because the seed that we planted last week is starting to sprout, and you're hanging around the house thinking where to start to build your urban eco-garden.
In our Garden Center we have everything you need to get your production going, but before you must answer this question: Do you know the seeds that you are going to buy? And once you’ve responded that, how should be your growing containers? And what kind of substrate and tools will be best to work them?
The first essential is to get you are well orientated, but in the strictest sense of the word! The orientation of your balcony or terrace is what will define the type of vegetables or herbs you can grow for next season.
The secret to ensure the success of your garden is that plants receive at least half a day of sunlight. This is vital for photosynthesis to their develop and to grow stronger, ensuring a good production. But beware, because in Garden Center in La Lajita, as a result of our climate, we know that excessive sunlight is just as damaging as its lack.
The balconies have a North or East orientation, receive very few hours of daylight. That makes them very chilly for summer, but our garden will have a limited production. But don't you get discouraged if this is your case! It's perfect for growing beets, spinach, lettuce, parsley and radishes, as they are very sensitive to heat. A trick to get more light, is to paint the walls on white to reflect the sunlight.
South orientation is very sunny but also very warm, so the crop will require our full attention. You will need to water more frequently so that the ideal is to place an automatic irrigation system. The plants that are best suited to these conditions are fruiting vegetables: tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, peppers, cucumbers ... Leafy vegetables could also grow, but will require a protection from too much sun.
But undoubtedly the queen of all is the West orientation. You will not have limits and can grow all you want! Vegetables, fruit, leaf and even root, which are the finest. Carrots, beets and radishes will grow in your substrate with any doubt.
It's important to define well the orientation of your terrace to start deciding plants you will have in your garden. But it's equally necessary that you check that there is no kind of barrier that prevents the light from either the chosen area. Buildings, vegetation or awnings  around, can impair the development of your vegetables.
Once you know who will be the protagonists of your garden, you'll get down to work and start choosing in Garden Center with our specialists your growing containers. So no more talk, look for a compass and find your orientation!