Thursday, 20 August, 2015
In Garden Center Fuerteventura we always suggest you ideas to create your own decorative indoor centers.
Friday, 14 August, 2015
Do you want to know the Calateas? The Garden Center Fuerteventura is plenty of colour and life even when the summer has arrived.
Friday, 7 August, 2015

The interior decoration is arguably an art. And mastering it’s a real privilege! Our home speaks of us: how we feel and how we identify. The furniture and its location within a room can make it more spacious, bright and welcoming.

Friday, 31 July, 2015
In the Garden Center Fuerteventura we know that  plants suffer with the heat. And if we want to ensure good flowering or fruiting next season, it's necessary to meet the needs that our plants have.
Thursday, 23 July, 2015
One of our favorite seasonal plants are “gerberas”. And now the Garden Center Fuerteventura is plenty of these plants!
Friday, 17 July, 2015
True plant lovers are often brave and dare with everything.
Friday, 10 July, 2015


Saturday, 4 July, 2015
Saturday, 27 June, 2015
In the Garden Center Fuerteventura we know how important is for you to choose your fruit trees and taking care of them to get a good production. So today we bring to you a few tips about pruning. Are you ready? Then look for your shears!
Saturday, 27 June, 2015
Im Gartencenter wissen wir wie wichtig es ist,dass du deine Obstbäume gut wählst,vor allem damit sie gute Produktion haben.Deshalb wollen wir dir heute ein paar Tipps über die Beschneidung geben.
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