Your Garden Center Fuerteventura in just one click

Freitag, 10 Oktober, 2014

The Garden Center Fuerteventura has released a new, quick and easy tool that will facilitate to all our customers, all the daily news from the Garden Center. This new product is available to everyone completely free, reflects a personal commitment of the Garden Center for innovation and the introduction of new technologies to the gardening sector.

From now, any customer with an Android or Apple phone can download the Application of Fuerteventura Garden Center (through the Apple Store or Google Play) and can to be aware of any new development, promotion, contest, news, discounts, arrival of new plants ... direct and personalized way without displacement or any cost to the customer.

This application offers everything necessary for maximum ease of the services provided by the Fuerteventura Garden Center.The application has a number of functionalities that anyone can make use of them in a simple and dynamic way.

We believe it is necessary to highlight the Geolocation map within the Garden Centre for all those customers who come to visit. This requires the availability of a data rate of the Internet. The functionality consists in that when the customer is visiting the Centre, the application will requires your location to give the appropriate permission for the application to itself start to point out where the client is walked into the map and pointing out what he sees. Thus facilitating the visualization of the areas which have been seen, and points to the map gives to know what you are watching at the moment and description of the plant or flower in concrete.

Besides that customers can consult:

  • The information about center of production and works of Fuerteventura Garden Center.
  • Address, opening times, how and in which way you can get to center, contact and subscription to the latest news, offers and promotions.
  • Latest news, advices, FAQs About Garden Center that help you to know more about the world of gardening.
  • Products such as the different types of seeds, substrates, tools, plants
*The possibility to request a quote from the application and without any cost.
  • Easy to follow and to consult the different Social Networks which has the Garden Centers Fuerteventura.

The application is available for both Google and Apple Store Play in three languages - Spanish, English, and German, and can be downloaded from the following links:

By clicking on the link to download the Application of Fuerteventura Garden Center in Apple

By clicking on the link to download the Application of Fuerteventura Garden Center in Google