Donnerstag, 20 November, 2014

Keep in good condition, garden or terrace is another measure that saves water. To be optimal, these are some of the things that you can do:

Mittwoch, 19 November, 2014

The succulents or fat plants are those that live in very dry areas. For this reason, it has adapted to survive in extremely adverse conditions keeping the water inside to overcome dry spells. These plants are found in all continents.

Dienstag, 18 November, 2014

There is no doubt that the method most used for irrigation of the terraces and balconies is watering can. It is an indispensable accessory in any home since it is very practical for watering pots and planters.

Dienstag, 18 November, 2014

Pero lo que necesita no sólo sus plantas.Tambien donde usted vive, a menos que la suerte de vivir en el campo rodeado de naturaleza. En ese caso, qué suerte!.

Donnerstag, 13 November, 2014
Dienstag, 11 November, 2014

If you decide to put a plant at home, you can't be too pessimistic.

Samstag, 8 November, 2014

Lately there are many tendency to say that the leaves are sprayed with water,honestly, that water remains permanently above the leaves can be a serious source of disease, but increases ambient humidity is good.

Freitag, 7 November, 2014

The Garden Center of Fuerteventura and the leader restaurant in the town of Puerto del Rosario "Casa Toño" joined forces and presented daring and innovative initiative to mark the trend by encouraging the creation of green spaces and the use of natural products.

Montag, 13 Oktober, 2014

“Tras la búsqueda de un tomate que consuma menos”

Freitag, 10 Oktober, 2014

The Garden Center Fuerteventura has released a new, quick and easy tool that will facilitate to all our customers, all the daily news from the Garden Center.