Garden design

A maximum request at design time is that the landscape around the house should have straight lines and angular, as we move away from it you can raise the most irregular, curved and circular.

It carries a detailed study existing ground, vegetable land incorporating.

Finally if we have a large enough surface area we can put, for example, more leafy and neglected grove which logically have less maintenance. The garden chromatic effects will be reached not by abusing of floral variety, but by grouping flowers by colors, you get more visual effect and a greater sense of spaciousness. Much to our chagrin when the flowers are selected it should not to prevail the beauty of the flowers but the resistance and adaptability of the plant to our environment. We consider one of the limiting factors on the island, the current wind.

Trees are as plants an essential element when it comes to garden design. The Garden Center Fuerteventura has many types of trees with larger or smaller sizes. Our team will pick, very carefully, the type of tree more suited to your garden.

At the time of your garden design, irrigation elements will be also considered to integrate them as much as possible in the environment of our garden, to save water and the workforce.