Big good-bearing plant

In Fuerteventura Garden Center we have about 150,000 m2 of palm trees’ production, and all kinds of similar plants.

All this area is composed mostly by some 200,000 m2 dedicated to the cultivation of all kinds of palm trees, with the attached metal cultivation for the plant to grow in optimal conditions.

What’s more, we have a 120.000 m2 area used to harvest big good bearing plants, such as trees, shrubs and palm trees in containers from 50 cm, being the plant adapted to the climate of the archipelago.

We have variety of ancient trees and other varieties of olive trees as chorisias, etc.

Much of the production comes out from itself gender because we have our own production of seeds and cuttings.

The plant is cataloged from the moment it arrives to our installations, stating their origin, Sabbaths’ days, size, thickness and quality, being always at our disposal large quantities of palm trees in stock to deal with urgent orders’ forecasts.